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What a pleasure this couple was.   I can honestly say that they are one of the kindest, most genuine couples that I have ever photographed.   Easy going, organized and as you will see....gorgeous!   Sam & Colleen decided to keep their day small and intimate, and it was just perfect.    I arrived at St. Peter Lutheran Church on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.   Finally a gorgeous day on a weekend!   I walked in to meet Colleen and her family (who were just as kind as Colleen).   Colleen was stunning.  Absolutely gorgeous.   I know which celebrity she looks like...do you see it?     After a lovely ceremony and some family photos at the church, we were headed off to Congress Park in Saratoga for some shots at the carousel.   Awesome!   Although finding parking during a busy concert weekend was a little tricky, we managed to get it done.    It was then time to send the remaining family on their way to the reception so I could sneak the newlyweds off on their own for a few shots around the park.   I love it when a couple not only looks amazing, but you can instantly feel the good vibes coming from them.   Joy, happiness and love.   They made each other laugh.   And not because I was doing or saying something goofy to try to make them laugh.   I didn't need to.   It's just there.   And then it was time for us to part and send them on their way to their reception.   To Colleen & Sam - I hope you had a wonderful reception & honeymoon, but mostly I hope you have a wonderful lifetime of memories!!   Congratulations!    

                                                I told you she was stunning!




 This is one of my favorites from the day - obviously since it's on my Facebook page too!




                                     ~Pure Joy.  Pure Love.  Pure Happiness.~


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What's a Mini Session??? https://www.pureblissphotos.com/blog/2014/5/whats-a-mini-session I get asked about mini sessions a lot.   What exactly is a mini session?   What does it entail?   How is it different from a full session?   Well I decided to write a post about mini sessions (AKA "minis") to let you all know how they work - please note this can vary from photographer to photographer.  

A spring mini session shot in the Capital DistrictA spring mini session shot

Let's start with the basics....   What is a mini?    In one sentence, a mini session is a condensed version of a full session.   However, there is more to it than that.   Mini sessions are not available year round and not available to be booked at the request of a client.   Minis are offered a few times a year (usually seasonally) and are offered for a specific day that I set.   Last year I did all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas).   This year I have done Spring and Summer minis will be announced soon.    But with baby #3 coming Oct 1, Fall & Christmas will most likely be out.   Unless I get some crazy bug up my.....well, you know. 

They usually run about 20-30 minutes and that goes FAST.   Believe me.   For that reason, minis are limited to groups of 5 or less.    They are offered at a reduced cost and you receive a smaller amount of high resolution files.   I pick one location and everyone will have their session at the same place, during their designated time slot.   

Typically I will post the event on Facebook but I will also start to be blogging about the upcoming minis as well.  I try to post the even at least a month in advance if possible.   A certain number of time slots will be offered and it is first come, first serve for time slots.   After our session, you will receive an online gallery for you to select your images from.   

So all of that sounds great right?   But how is the mini session different from a full session?   You've already read that the time, cost and number of files are reduced for a mini session.   But to me, that is not the biggest difference.    To me the biggest difference is STYLE.   A mini session tends to be down & dirty.   More posed shots than candid and pretty straightforward.   Group family, siblings and individual shots are my focus and go in that order of priority (unless requested differently by the client).    Once in awhile there is a little extra time for some "fun" but otherwise it is usually pretty tight.   


With a full session, we have much more time (usually 1-2 hours), can work in varying locations if possible, and tends to be more relaxing.   We can still do the posed shots that we get in a mini, but then we can "play" and make some magic.   We can work together to customize your session if you are looking for a specific type of feel (country, urban, rustic, etc) for your images.    And of course more convenience since we can work around YOUR schedule.  


Minis are a wonderful way to quickly update your family photo, grab some new ones of the kiddos, or have a group done that usually don't have pics professionally done together (grandparents, cousins, etc).   But if you are looking for something beyond just a posed shot, something more like art, then a full session is the way to go.   Let me also make another note here.   Mini vs. Full session can also depend on your family.   Some kiddos need a little extra time to warm up to the camera and not feel shy.   A full session is definitely better here.   Other kids are D-O-N-E with pics after 15 minutes.   A mini session just might be the way to go for them and try a full session when they are a bit older.     


So I think that's about it.   If I missed something, please feel free to comment, email or FB me with any other questions.  All of the above images were taken during mini sessions, so I'll leave you with a few more shots from full sessions.   In the end, what is really important is getting some family pics taken whether mini or full session.   Time waits for no one and you'll never regret having that family picture in 20 years!   



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Twice as Sweet https://www.pureblissphotos.com/blog/2014/4/twice-as-sweet So I'm a little behind on posting this, but I'm finally getting to it now.   So just to start....do I really even need the words for this? 


So I have to say, THANK GOD I was already pregnant when I showed up for this session.  Because this sweet little baby would have sent me into baby fever immediately!  Those delicious cheeks!!  I mean, come on!!


And her big sister.   Oh. My.   She is serious big sister material.   I have a feeling that these two are going to be partners in crime in a few years.   Oh, and in 15 years?   Poor, poor, Daddy.  


And then there's Mommy.   A newborn with their Mother is simply magical.  It is such a short time frame and one that should be treasured....



Time flies.   Once you have a child, if flies even faster.   And forget it after you have more than one.   Those first few days, that wonderful newborn smell, the grasp of your finger, those teeny tiny toes....


And of course I can't forget these!!



To Baby Ava & Family:  Thank you for letting me into your lives!   I always feel honored to capture those first fleeting days.   I know it sounds so cliché but it is completely true!    I hope to get to watch you & your sister grow over the years!  

All the Best,


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Cake Smash for Mr. C https://www.pureblissphotos.com/blog/2014/3/cake-smash-for-mr-c OK, so here it is.  The start of the "blogging" portion of my career.  I can't promise it will be pretty, but I'll keep working on it.  


So - Mr. C is one!   It's been just about a year since I first met him.   I was lucky enough to do a Lifestyle newborn session when he was only 9 days old.   See down there?  Yep, that's him.   Adorbs, right?   Oh man I can't believe I just typed that.   A complete cutie pa-tootie, right? 

So now he's turning 1!   The whole family came over to my "very much in the works" studio for a cake smash session.   Thanks to them for bearing with me as I have BIG plans for it.   Here is a little peak at his session.   I can't show you everything though - have to save some for the family!   He's a serious guy with giant long lashes that are going to melt a lot of hearts.   Take a look...

 And then you get this face....and realize that he prefers the cupcake that was brought more than the cake...so what do you do? 

You switch!!!   A smash is a smash!!! 


Remember those lashes I was telling you about?  

And when a kiddo is done, they are DONE!   We agreed he has an adorable "cake smash Ace Ventura" hair thing going on.  

Happy Birthday C!   So glad you came to celebrate with me.   Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!  


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Learning to Blog https://www.pureblissphotos.com/blog/2014/1/learning-to-blog OK, so this is literally a test blog.  I have no idea what I'm doing and no idea how this will come out.   But we all have to start somewhere right?    And blogging is on my Photography New Years Resolution checklist.   So I'm going to give it a try.   I can't promise it will be pretty, but here goes nothing...wish me luck!



So I thought I'd see how posting an actual pic in the blog works...crazy idea right?  Would woulda thunk it?   ;)

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